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About DavidShield

DavidShield was established is 2000 to provide the best and most comprehensive health insurance to Israelis living abroad and to Israeli corporations with expatriate employees. 
We are proud of our excellent service record, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide fast and efficient service in Hebrew and English.
DavidShield’s knowledge of the global market, combined with our understanding of the unique needs of Israelis abroad, makes us the health insurance provider of choice for Israelis abroad in over 140 countries worldwide. 
Our members benefit from the highest standards of private medical care, with coverage that includes preventive medicine, doctor's office visits, laboratory tests, pregnancy and childbirth, medications, surgery, hospitalization, and transplants. Our service model is based on years of experience with Israelis abroad, including relocated employees

The DavidShield Group

After successfully founding, developing and managing healthcare services for Israelis abroad, the DavidShield Group turned to new markets that could benefit from our advanced and efficient medical insurance solutions. Over the past few years, DavidShield has expanded its reach as a worldwide medical insurance manager that specializes in providing service to people who need to access healthcare while abroad, including tourists, expatriates, executives and relocated employees. DavidShield currently runs operations in China, Russia and the United States. For more information about the DavidShield Group please visit our website, www.davidshieldgroup.com

In 2011, DavidShield launched PassportCardTM - the “magnetic card” for travel insurance. PassportCardTM enables its clients to access cashless medical services around the world with no deductibles and a full package of high-end benefits (US patent pending). For more information about PassportCardTM please visit our website, www.passportcard.co.il

Global Experience

DavidShield enjoys a growth rate of 20% per year.

Since its establishment in 2000, DavidShield has developed expertise in providing medical insurance abroad and has revolutionized the field of customer service for people needing health care outside their home country.

DavidShield strives for service excellence and believes that the strength of our professional staff is a key factor in providing the highest standards of care to Israelis who need health insurance while abroad.

  • DavidShield manages hundreds of leading global corporate accounts, including government entities and NGOs. We are the provider of choice for a majority of Israeli companies with expatriate employees, including the diplomatic staff of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • DavidShield has direct and second-party contracts with over 500,000 providers and facilities in countries around the world.
  • DavidShield assists local Israeli health plans to coordinate transplants and complex surgeries abroad.
  • DavidShield manages over 300,000 medical claims every year.
  • DavidShield provides medical coverage in over 140 countries worldwide.

Professional Staff

DavidShield has a team of employees guided by the highest standards of integrity and committed to excellent service. The company management contributes knowledge, experience, commitment and a sense of innovation In addition, each manager brings a personal touch, helping us provide comprehensive solutions to all problems.

Always at Your Service

Our Claims Administration and Customer Service are integrated into one dedicated service center that can be reached by Skype, email, fax, or toll-free call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our new website allows easy access to information and ways to contact us from anywhere in the world.

Mailing Address:

8 A HaZoran Street,
South Industrial Area, Netanya
P.O. Box 8767, zip code: 42504

email: info@davidshield.com

To contact us click here

For a list of toll-free numbers around the world click here


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DavidShield Professional Staff

DavidShield employees are committed to providing the highest level of service. Our core values include integrity, fairness, and professionalism.
To view our service charter, please click here.

Our customer service representatives work in shifts around the clock to ensure comprehensive and dependable service.  Customer service representatives have the full support of company management. 

The management team brings knowledge, experience, commitment, and a sense of innovation to DavidShield, enabling us to serve all DavidShield members who need assistance or medical care while abroad. In addition, each manager brings a personal touch to help us provide comprehensive solutions to all problems.


אייל בן שלוש   Eyal Ben Chlouche – Vice Chairman of the Board
Eyal was appointed Vice Chairman of DavidShield's Board of Directors in 2008. Between 2002 and 2006, Eyal served as the Israeli commissioner of insurance. Prior to that, Eyal was the assistant commissioner and a senior manager in the capital branch of the Israeli Ministry of Finance. Eyal currently also serves as a Director on the Boards of Migdal Insurance and Matrix.
אלון קצף  

Alon Ketzef –CEO DavidShield Group
Alon is a co-Founder of DavidShield and has served as the CEO of both DavidShield and DavidShield Group since their establishment. Alon’s earlier positions include managing the marketing department of the PMI insurance at the Leumit Health Fund and managing multiple sales and marketing offices overseas. Alon is also the president of the Israeli Relocation Forum, and currently serves as Chairman of two DavidShield subsidiaries, the Mashlim company in Israel and GTRN in Singapore.

אילן גת  

Ilan Gat – Board Member
Ilan was appointed CEO of DavidShield Israel in 2011. In this capacity, Ilan is responsible for all activities that provide insurance solutions to outbound Israelis. Before taking this position, Ilan served as the CEO of DavidShield International, where he was responsible for opening new branches of DavidShield Group around the world, and oversaw the day to day activities of the group offices in Beijing, New York, and Moscow. Ilan also served as DavidShield’s Chief Marketing Officer for many years. Prior to joining DavidShield, Ilan was the national sales manager at AIG Israel. Ilan holds a BA degree in business management with honors and a MBA degree from The College of Management in Israel..

דפנה שפירא גולדברג   Daphna Shapiro Goldberg – Chief Pricing Officer
Daphna joined DavidShield in 2001. Daphna is responsible for all actuarial and pricing activities, including setting premium rates; negotiating with reinsurers; designing benefit plans; conducting actuarial analysis; and internal and external reporting. Daphna also serves as a Senior Project Manager for DavidShield, supervising a variety of special projects and vendor relationships. Prior to joining DavidShield, Daphna served as a Senior Health Care Consultant for Mercer Human Resource Consulting in the United States. Daphna graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania.
  Ravit Levy - Deputy CFO
Ms. Ravit Levy brought her extensive experience and knowledge in financial management to DavidShield when she joined the Company in 2015. Ms. Levy previously held the positions of Controller at the Tnuva Group, and worked in the Auditing Department of E&Y. Ms. Levy earned her BA in Economics and Accounting at Haifa University.
ששון לוי  

Sason Levi – VP Regulation 
Sason joined DavidShield in 2004 and currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of DavidShield Group. In this capacity, Sason is responsible for the computer and communications systems in all branched of the DavidShield Group. Prior to taking this position, Sason served as the VP of Customer Service for DavidShield. Sason has over 25 years of experience in customer service and communications at many of the largest companies in Israel, including YES (an Israeli broadcasting company), Orange Israel, NetVision (the largest ISP in Israel), Intel Israel, and Amdocs. Sason holds a Computer Science degree from the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology.

רן מזרחי  

Ran Mizrahi - SVP Claims & Medical Underwriting
Ran Mizrahi is the head of the Insurance Risk Management Department at DavidShield, and is responsible for managing the medical underwriting department, medical evacuation, insurance risk assessment, monitoring medical claims handling, and monitoring of medical and legal advice.
Parallel to this, Ran is the company's chief medical underwriter and director of the Claims Department.
Ran holds an LL.B and has 11 years of experience in medical underwriting and unique medical claims management and relocation policies.

Rami Rosengarten  

Rami Rosengarten – VP Corporate Accounts 

Rami joined DavidShield in 2004 as Co-Manager of the company’s Corporate Sales Division and was appointed VP of Marketing in 2009. His current responsibilities include managing governmental and NPO accounts and overseeing the work of 300 field insurance agents who sell DavidShield. Rami has extensive experience in managerial and supervisory roles in life and health insurance at Dolev and Arye insurance companies. In 2000 he co-founded the Health Embassy, which focused on providing insurance solutions for Israelis living abroad. Rami holds a BSC from the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology.

Haim Ohayon  

Haim Ohayon – VP Sales & Business Development 
Haim joined DavidShield in 2004 as Co-Manager of the company’s Corporate Sales Division and was appointed VP of Sales in 2009. His current responsibilities include managing governmental and NPO accounts and overseeing the work of 300 field insurance agents who sell DavidShield. In 2000 he co-founded the Health Embassy, which focused on providing insurance solutions for Israelis living abroad


Nir Alon- Chief Growth Officer

In charge of the development and implementation of digital and analytics capabilities to drive buseinss performance.

Nir joined Davidshield during 2017. Prior to Davidshield Nir led the Analytics and innovation practices for Deloitte, an accounting and consulting firm.

Nir graduated Accounting and Economics studies in Tel Aviv University, and holds an MBA degree from Tel Aviv University.


איציק אבקסיס  

 Itzik Abekasis – VP Business Process Management
Itzik joined DavidShield in 2002 and was appointed the VP of Business Process Management in 2011. In this capacity, Itzik is responsible for analyzing, developing, and implementing business processes throughout DavidShield Group, including processes for customer service, claim processing and the application of new technologies. Before taking on this position, Itzik was the Director of Customer Service at DavidShield. Itzik holds a BA in business management.

Or Dvir  

Or Dvir– VP R&B
Mr. Dvir joined the Company in 2007 as a software developer and was appointed as DavidShield’sDirector of Development in 2013.Mr. Dviris responsible forthe development of software systems and implementation of new technologies for theDavidShield Group.
Mr. Dvirhas a degree in Computer Science.


Oren Shimony - VP IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security

Mr. Oren Shimony joined DavidShield Group in 2015, he has extensive experience in management of computing infrastructure and advanced information systems in Israel and abroad.
In his previous positions at various global public companies, Mr. Shimony served as Director of Information Technology.
Mr. Shimony has a BA in Business Administration and a series of certifications in the area of information systems and technology

Kim Yadid  

Kim Yadid – Director of Customer Service at DavidShield
Ms. Yadid joined DavidShield in 2010 as a Service Representative and was promoted to shift manager after one year. In 2012 Ms. Yadid joined DavidShield’s Claims Department where she was responsible for auditing medical claims processes and was involved in a range of company-wide projects.
Ms. Yadid was appointed Director of Customer Service in 2015. Ms. Yadid is responsible for maintaining effective customer service for DavidShield customers in over 50 countries around the world and in many different languages. Ms. Yadid holds a BA in Insurance.

ליאור איינשטיין  

Lior Einstein - Financial controller
Mr. Einstein is in charge of DavidShield’s financial reports and subsidiaries financial guidance. In his previous position, Mr. Einstein worked both in the inspection and professional department at Somekh Chaikin KPMG.
Mr. Einstein graduated with honors a BA in Economics and Accounting from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In Addition, Mr. Einstein lectures in the Kiryaat Ono Academic College Accounting Department.
Mr. Lior Einstein joined DavidShield in September 2010.

Orly Yitzhki  

Orly Yitzhki – Director of Finance
Ms. Yitzhaki joined DavidShieldin the year 2000. Ms. Yitzhakiis responsible for management of the Company’s finance staff. Since joining the Company, Orly has served in various capacities in the finance department, and played an active role in the establishment of the Company.
Ms. Yitzhakihas Life Insurance Certification and serves as the Agency’s Insurance Director

דורון יצחקי  

Doron Yitzhaki – Director of the Business Coordination Center
Doron Yitzhaki joined the DavidShield group in 2004. He is responsible for administration, development and expansion as well as services for business clients.
In his previous position with the company, he served as Senior Director of customer files in the business unit and in the “supplementary insurance for residents abroad” unit. Before joining DavidShield,  Mr. Yitzhaki served as head of area conservation for Motorola Communications and as head of customer files for the 013 Barak company.



Lior Katz  

Hila Brown - HR Manager
Ms. Hila Brown joined the DavidShield Group in 2009. Former positions held by Ms. Bar-On with the Company include Director of Client Portfolios and Director of Sales for the Company’s PassportCard distribution channel. Ms. Bar-Onholds a BA in Business Administration, and is responsible for the entire sales, client retention and collection activity at DavidShield.





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