Policy Cancellation Request


We would like to inform you of the potential consequences of canceling the policy. 

1. Once the cancellation takes effect:

a. Claims for insurance benefits filed with a Date-of-Service that is later then the cancellation date shall be rejected regardless of whether the claim is related to a new medical condition or an ongoing medical condition that began while the coverage was in effect. Coverage is primarily determined by the Date-of-Service. (Claims may be submitted with a Date-of-Service that is earlier than the date of cancellation. These claims will be handled according to the  terms and conditions of the policy).

b. Previously authorized requests for medical procedures that are submitted or approved prior to the date of cancellation, when the Date-of-Service is later than the cancellation date, will be canceled accordingly.

2. Your DavidCard (if you hold one) will be canceled and may not be used after the cancellation date.

3. Joining DavidShield Coverage requires medical underwriting and assessment of the applicant's medical condition before the application for insurance is accepted. If you re-apply for insurance after you have canceled the coverage, the medical underwriting process will also include medical services rendered during the insurance period. This means that additional medical issues may be excluded from the policy or will be subject to additional premium. Your application may even be denied.

4. All rights provided by the policy will be canceled upon policy cancellation. If an application is submitted to re-enter the insurance program, the insurance period prior to cancellation will not be counted when re-joining. This includes insurance seniority, waiting periods, and accumulated deductables.

5. When re-applying for insurance, only insurance programs available when re-applying will be offered.

6. According to the Insurance Contracts Act and company policy, you have the right to revoke your cancellation request within 14 days from the date on which the cancellationrequest was submitted.

7. Premiums that were paid in advance for a period after the cancellation date will be reimbursed.


Policy cancellation :


1. You can cancel your policy in one of the following methods:

a. You may login to your personal self-service website and complete an online form

b. Download and complete a cancellation form and send it back to us via:

c. You may call customer service at +972-9-8920950

2. Once you have submitted a cancellation request, we will send you a confirmation that the request has been received. 

3. The cancellation request will be processed within 3 working days.

4. Once we have finished processing your request, a confirmation will be sent to the email address updated in the company's system. 


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