Strategic Partners and Vendors

Strategic Partners and Vendors

DavidShield holds strategic working relationships with leading global healthcare providers. Our products are backed by the strongest insurers and reinsurers. These partnerships provide our worldwide members with access to the best local services, as well as peace of mind.

Strategic Partners:

Israel Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd. - controlled by the Delek Group, Phoenix is one of Israel's leading Insurance companies, offering insurance solutions for corporate and private clients in health, general insurance, pension products, investments, and finance. Phoenix oversees more than NIS 73 billion of assets (including Excellence Nessuah Investment House assets) and benefits from stability due to its diversified holdings structure

Clalit Health Services - The largest HMO outside the U.S., Clalit provides comprehensive health insurance and medical care to approximately 3.6 million insured members.

UnitedHealthcare - a U.S. market leader established in 1974, UHC is a Fortune 100 company and insures over 20 million people worldwide. UHC provides enduring solutions promoting simpler, more affordable, and effective health care services. DavidShield is among the top five overseas clients of UnitedHealthcare.

General Re - A subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Gen Re is one of the largest reinsurers worldwide. In addition to being a market leader in the US, Gen Re is represented in all major reinsurance markets.

Munich Re - One of the world's largest reinsurers and the second-largest primary insurer in Germany. Munich Re business activities cover the whole value chain as present in the insurance

Key Worldwide Vendors

Preferred Health Care PHC – a network of private physicians and hospitals in the United Kingdom

Maccabi-Dent – A branch of Maccabi Health Services with dental clinics across Israel. Maccabi-Dent employs over 1,700 workers including dentists, specialists, consultants, dental hygienists, certified dental assistants, clinic managers, and administrators.

Medco Health Solutions - DavidShield is the largest overseas client of Medco Health Solutions, the leading U.S. pharmacy benefit manager with the nation's largest mail-order pharmacy operations. Medco helps its customers to moderate the cost and enhance the quality of prescription drug benefits.

Raffles Medical Group - a leading network of hospitals and clinics in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Managed Care Russia - MCR - a leading management company in Russia and the FSU that specializes in referrals to local providers, emergency support services, coordination of home care, and translation services.

Canadian Medical Center CMC – a private clinic and outpatient facility in the Czech Republic.


We also maintain several strategic partnerships in additional countries worldwide.


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