Medical Insurance for Israelis Living in North America

Medical Insurance for Israelis Living in North America

Israelis moving to the US following a job offer or other opportunity face many preparations: schools for the children, work permits, housing, etc. Of course, the family’s health insurance is a primary concern.
Medical insurance abroad generally, and in the US specifically, is different from the health services we know in Israel. The US system is based on private insurance (at least until future reforms are implemented). A broad range of insurance plans are offered, making the choice extremely complicated and confusing.

The DavidShield PPO Plan is a private medical insurance that offers you genuine peace of mind through extensive coverage tailored for the whole family. The great advantage of DavidShield PPO lies in its custom-tailored features for Israelis living abroad, in addition to general extensive coverage. Thus, through our plan, you’ll be insured not only in every part of the US, but also on visits to Israel – all through one Smart Card. In fact, DavidShield PPO is the only insurance plan offering full services in both the US and Israel on one card.

DavidShield operates in the US through the UnitedHealthCare medical provider network, one of the leading healthcare systems in the country. UnitedHelathCare is a Fortune 100 company and insures over 20 million people around the world. The company allows access to a network of medical services with over 470,000 doctors and 4,500 hospitals in the US.

DavidShield: The full spectrum of preventative, routine and emergency coverage

  • We speak your language – Hebrew-speaking service representatives available 24/ 7. At our toll-free service center, trained professionals answer calls in nine seconds on average. The service center will also connect you to a multilingual physician help line with doctors and experts available for medical consultations around the clock.
  • A wide range of medical services – doctors’ visits; pregnancy, delivery and post-natal care (beginning a year afterjoining); airline tickets for; infant and child development monitoring services; chronic disease care; and surgeries and transplants.
  • Friendly Smart Card for every medical purpose – Your DavidShield card entitles you to a variety of medical services included in the policy with no need for pre-payment.
  • Services in Israel – DavidShield is the only insurance company that provides Israelis living in the US with full medical coverage during visits to Israel. Should you move back to Israel, DavidShield also covers you during the Israeli public healthcare system’s mandatory waiting period for rejoining state insurance.
  • Coverage for an active, healthy lifestyle –DavidShield recognizes the importance of preventative care. We participate in clients’ fitness club memberships and fully cover weigh watching and weight loss programs, as well as programs to quit smoking.

To join or for more information in Hebrew or English, call our representatives 24/7 toll-free at toll-free US number or at +972-9-8920-950. You can also find us on Skype or Facebook.


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DavidShield international medical insurance is the best medical insurance abroad for Israelis living worldwide, with tens of thousands of Israeli customers in over 140 countries around the globe. The DavidShield policy is suitable for relocation, addressing the specific needs of Israelis abroad, and covers members for any medical treatments customary in Israel all over the world – with no fine print.