Medical Insurance for Israelis Living in Africa

For an Israeli moving to Africa, one thing is certain: medical insurance is a crucial necessity. Indeed, healthcare standards in Africa are dramatically inferior to those in Israel or any other Western country.

Peace of mind in Africa requires medical insurance combining comprehensive local coverage and efficient airlift emergency evacuation, “just in case…”. DavidShield’s Africa Plan provides just that: a custom-tailored program comprised of two components:

1. DavidShield insurance in Africa

  • Hebrew and English-speaking call-center representatives and physicians on our help line are available 24/7 for any medical issue or concern.
  • The most extensive coverage – the DavidShield Global program covers preventative care, doctor appointments, medications, pregnancy and childbirth, plane tickets for first-degree relative accompaniers in case of emergency abroad, family health centers, child development services, chronic illnesses and even surgeries and implants.
  • A friendly smart card for any medical issue – DavidShield’s personal card, recognized in over 140 countries, makes it easy to receive health services hassle-free, wherever in the world you may be.* With your DavidShield card, you can access a variety of medical services included in the policy, with no need for pre-payment.
  • Quick refund – you will receive a refund on your covered medical expenses within several days directly to your bank account or credit card.
  • Medical insurance during visits to Israel –DavidShield is the only medical insurance in Africa that ensures extensive coverage even while visiting Israel. The program enables full choice of doctor and medical services. Coverage is also provided during the public healthcare system’s mandatory waiting period for rejoining state coverage upon returning to Israel.


2. Medical Emergency Evacuation

While the essence of the program is in covering medical services locally and conveniently, the availability of these services in undeveloped countries is often low. Thus, DavidShield offers Israelis in Africa its special Medical Emergency Evacuation coverage.

This additional emergency coverage is operated by companies that have the knowledge, expertise, equipment, local connections, and experienced teams for rapid airlift evacuations. These companies, located in strategic sites internationally, are always on-call for assistance in case of illness that cannot be locally treated or any other medical emergency requiring evacuation.

Should emergency transpire, you simply call DavidShield’s multilingual call center – available 24/7 year-round. The call center coordinates between the client and the medical evacuation company in order to minimize hassle and transfer patients quickly to the closest quality facility that can provide the necessary care. Decisions regarding evacuation and medical treatment are made by the service suppliers’ extremely professional and specialized medical teams.

First-response emergency services are usually provided in the air, but can also be supplied on land and in the sea when necessary. The service is available worldwide, with special emphasis on regions with limited medical service capacities like Africa.

Indeed, emergency evacuation is a complex mission – the success of which can have life-altering implications. By working with not just one contracted medical evacuation company but rather an entire network of emergency service suppliers, unlike some other insurance plans DavidShield enables:

  • Faster emergency response times;
  • Choice of the most relevant emergency evacuation plan for the specific location;
  • Suitability of the evacuation team to the particular mission.

With DavidShield’s extended Africa plan plus Emergency Evacuation Insurance, Israelis residing in Africa can rest assured that they have the best care available on the continent and, in a medical emergency, Western expert teams will be coming to their rescue as fast as is humanly possible.

To join or for more information in Hebrew or English, call our representatives toll-free 24/7*, call us at 972-9-8920-950, or find us on Skype or Facebook.

*At locations where the service is available.

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