Medical Insurance for Israelis who live in Eastern Europe

Western medical coverage specialized for Israelis in Eastern European countries

DavidShield’s Global Program is perfectly suited for Israeli emissary families, Israeli students studying abroad, workers on relocation and business people living in Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece and Turkey.

Why join a medical insurance program designated for Israelis?
Health services in developing Eastern European countries do not provide full and comprehensive medical solutions. Public clinics and hospitals are not up to par with Western standards.

Israelis moving abroad adjust to a new work environment, an unfamiliar residence, the children’s education system, a foreign culture and local atmosphere. Health cannot be compromised.

If you are relocating, embarking on a long business trip or on an emissary mission, it is crucial to join a private health insurance that allows you to receive all medical services quickly, in as high quality as is available, with multilingual assistance – in your new residence country, internationally and on visits to Israel. Only DavidShield meets all of these needs.

DavidShield Global – Comprehensive Services for Peace-of-Mind Abroad

  • Hebrew and English-speaking call-center representatives are available 24/7.
  • Multilingual doctors on our physician help line are at your service 24/7 for any medical issue or concern.
  • Medical services with world-class standards:
    • In Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, through the Medihelp network offering doctors, clinics, lab tests and the highest level of medical treatments;
    • In the Czech Republic through the CMC (Canadian Medical Care) clinics network and the Respimed clinics;
    • In Russia through the DavidShield Russia (MCR) network of hospitals and clinics (established by DavidShield);
    • In Belgrad and Serbia through the BellMedic hospital.
  • Medical insurance during visits to Israel – the DavidShield Global program ensures extensive coverage including medical treatments even while visiting Israel. The program enables full choice of doctor and medical services. Coverage is also provided during the public healthcare system’s mandatory waiting period for rejoining state coverage upon returning to Israel.
  • The most extensive coverage – the DavidShield Global program covers preventative care, doctor appointments, medications, pregnancy and childbirth, plane tickets for first-degree relative accompaniers in case of emergency abroad, family health centers, child development services, chronic illnesses and even surgeries and implants.
  • A friendly smart card for any medical issue – DavidShield’s personal card, recognized in over 140 countries, makes it easy to receive health services hassle-free, wherever in the world you may be.* With your DavidShield card, you can access a variety of medical services included in the policy, with no need for pre-payment.

To join or for more information in Hebrew or English, call our representatives toll-free 24/7 at 972-9-8920-950, on Skype or on our Facebook page.

*In locations where the service is available.

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DavidShield international medical insurance is the best medical insurance abroad for Israelis living worldwide, with tens of thousands of Israeli customers in over 140 countries around the globe. The DavidShield policy is suitable for relocation, addressing the specific needs of Israelis abroad, and covers members for any medical treatments customary in Israel all over the world – with no fine print.