Medical insurance for Israelis living in Western Europe

Medical insurance for Israelis who live in Western Europe.

The DavidShield Global insurance program caters to Israelis who move to a Western European country, to relocation employees, and to students and families of Israelis who stay for long periods of time in a Western European country such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Holland Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the rest of Western Europe.

Medical services in Western Europe

Most Western European countries have a public health system whereby the state assumes responsibility for the health of its citizens. In some countries, this system is prone to long lines for visits to a doctor, and long waiting periods for operations, hospitalization and non-urgent medical treatment. Israelis, who live in these countries or spend long periods of time in a Western European country, have the possibility of using these health services but they are subject to the same conditions of service. As a result Israelis, who live in these countries, opt for private medical insurance which allows them to undergo tests, receive treatment, purchase medication, be admitted to hospital, and undergo operations without compromising the quality of the treatment.

Why choose a special medical insurance for Israelis?
When you move abroad, one of the most important decisions you will have to make involves medical insurance. Your choice of a special medical insurance for Israelis will influence your access to health services and to local doctors in the country where you are staying and will provide you with professional service for all your medical needs.
One should remember that it takes time to adapt to life in a new country. In respect of medical insurance, DavidShield facilitates life for Israelis across the world, providing comprehensive and remunerative medical coverage with service of international standards and a Hebrew-speaking customer service.

Advantages: DavidShield Global caters to your needs as an Israeli
* We speak your language – Hebrew-speaking customer service representatives available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
* A program which provides you with the most comprehensive medical coverage – visits to doctors, funding for medication, and full coverage for operations and transplants.
* Pregnancy and birth – (after a waiting period of one year) an important feature of the DavidShield Global program is its broad and unique-in-scope medical coverage of a significant period in a woman’s life: pregnancy tests, birth, post-birth hospitalization, well-baby clinic care, coverage for congenital defects, child-development follow-up services, and more.
* Medical insurance during visits to Israel – the DavidShield Global program provides broad insurance coverage that includes medical treatments and tests during visits to Israel. The program enables complete freedom of choice when choosing doctors or medical services. The insurance coverage is also valid during the required waiting period (set by the National Insurance Institute), when you return to live permanently in Israel.

To take out an insurance and receive advice in Hebrew, contact one of our customer service representatives on a *toll free number 24/7 or on Tel: +972-9-8920950, on Skype or via our Facebook page.

* In countries where the service operates




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DavidShield international medical insurance is the best medical insurance abroad for Israelis living worldwide, with tens of thousands of Israeli customers in over 140 countries around the globe. The DavidShield policy is suitable for relocation, addressing the specific needs of Israelis abroad, and covers members for any medical treatments customary in Israel all over the world – with no fine print.