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DavidShield provides private medical insurance management of the highest standards for Israelis all over the world.
Our website provides information on medical services suppliers around the world.
The list of medical services suppliers includes pharmacies, doctors and clinics with a variety of specialties, labs, institutions and hospitals.
All the information on our medical suppliers (name, address, location, contact details) is here on our website only a mouse-click away, arranged according to the continent, country and city you are in. Any direct billing arrangements with specific medical service suppliers are mentioned next to their names.
DavidShield continuously updates its medical suppliers list all the time.
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Please note:

  • This medical suppliers list is for your convenience only and should in no way be regarded as a recommendation or referral of any sort.
  • Many medical suppliers provide medical and other services that are not covered by the policy. It is your responsibility to make sure that the services they give you are within the insurance coverage. If needed – be consult with the DavidShield customer service center.
  • Please note: your insurance coverage is not limited to these doctors only.

Medical suppliers: Interested in joining the DavidShield network?
If you are a medical supplier who wants to join the DavidShield medical supplier network – please submit your request to join DavidShield with this form.

UnitedHealthcare network search - Doctors USA

Please note, since clinics in the US are private clinics, every doctor determine the quota of patients in his clinic. Therefore, a network physician might not accept new patients
The list of providers on the DavidShield website is based on the recommendation of the American and/or Israeli Foreign Office and/or the providers used by DavidShield members. Please note that the list of providers is updated from time to time. The list is for your convenience only and it should not be regarded as a recommendation or referral of any sort. Please keep in mind that the providers listed may also provide services that are not covered by the policy. DavidShield is not responsible for the professional standards or the reputation of the providers on this list. Coverage is not limited to the services received from these providers.

Dear member,
Please make sure to choose "UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus" as your network (In section 2).
Any other choice may include providers who are not covered under your plan.
Thank you

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DavidShield international medical insurance is the best medical insurance abroad for Israelis living worldwide, with tens of thousands of Israeli customers in over 140 countries around the globe. The DavidShield policy is suitable for relocation, addressing the specific needs of Israelis abroad, and covers members for any medical treatments customary in Israel all over the world – with no fine print.