Redefining the Medical
Insurance Experience

We understand that today`s consumers reward transparency, speed, flexibility and convenience. DavidShield’s insurance experience was created with this very goal in mind and offers easy-to-use digital tools and a simplified customer journey, unlike any other in the industry. We understand that customers are looking for an insurance company that is genuinely interested in supporting them whenever they need to file a claim, and that unhappy customers will switch insurers as quickly as they can. That’s why we make sure that both the purchasing and claiming experience are truly customer-friendly.

Putting You & Your Clients First

We’ve designed innovative solutions to help simplify the management of your clients & make your life easier.

Personal Account Manager

Someone who knows your name & business, and can assist you in any unique or complex situation.

Self-Service Website for Brokers

This site offers much more than information & member support it’s a daily management tool, where you can also make direct online purchases for your clients.

Reduce Bureaucracy & Grow Your Business

Our innovative technological solutions minimize bureaucracy, so you can focus on your clients and sales.

Discover the Benefits


Our members have the flexibility to choose where they want to have treatment: doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other health service providers.


Members can simply swipe this smart card to pay for medical services, out-of-pocket payments or a lengthy reimbursement process are a thing of the past.


Our dedicated team is available 24/7 via email, chat, WhatsApp, Facebook and phone.


We take your complaints seriously and will look for a solution that corresponds with your expectations.

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