We know health care can get complicated, so here are a few Q&A’s about your plan and what`s covered.

When can I add a cost-sharing waiver to my policy?

Adding a cost-sharing waiver is allowed when you join the plan or later on, at the beginning of each calendar year.

Where can I find a complete list of my coverage and benefits?

By logging into the Self Service Website or App, you can find out exactly what’s included in your insurance plan.

Do I need to pay a deductible when I receive medical services?

Yes. The deductible is applied per year from January to December. The deductible amount is determined by the plan type and country of destination. We also have an optional rider that can be added for an extra monthly fee, which will eliminate the need to pay a deductible.

What is not covered by the policy?

Medical conditions which are not covered by the policy are specified in the policy under “Exclusions and Restrictions to the Policy”. For example, the following medical conditions are not covered: accidents or injuries sustained during military service, selective abortion with no medical grounds, injury sustained from extreme sports activities, dental care, and more.

What is UCR?

UCR stands for: “Usual, Customary & Reasonable” and refers to the amount paid for a medical service in a geographical area, based on what providers in the area usually charge for the same or similar medical service. UCR rates are used to determine what amount of a medical bill your insurance plan will cover, when you receive care from providers which do not appear on the list of preferred providers. It is highly recommended to contact the customer service department, in advance, for an assessment of the expected refund for the required treatment. This way, you’ll avoid the unnecessary aggravation of paying an expense deemed unreasonably high by local accepted standards.

Is co-payment required for medical services?

Yes. Your copay depends on the plan you choose and your country of destination. Deductibles are calculated on a yearly basis.

Does the policy cover pregnancy and childbirth?

Absolutely. The expenses for pregnancy, childbirth and all postnatal care are covered, as defined in your plan, and following a 12-month waiting period from your joining date.

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