We know health care can get complicated, so here are a few Q&A’s about your plan and what`s covered.

What is DavidCard?

DavidCard is a magnetic card which enables you to pay for medical services abroad, without having to pay out of pocket.

How do I use DavidCard?

When you require medical services, you no longer have to pay out of pocket. Your DavidCard will pay your expenses. All you have to do is: 1) Download the “DavidShield App” via Google Play or App Store. 2) Load your DavidCard using the App. 3) Once your DavidCard is loaded with the requisite cash amount, the medical service provider will be able to swipe the card for payment.

Can the DavidCard be used by all family members?

Members under the age of 18, that are covered under the same policy with the person who holds the DavidCard, may also use the DavidCard.

For which medical services can I pay using my DavidCard?

DavidCard covers medical expenses for doctor visits, purchase of prescribed medication, x-rays, emergency room visits and standard laboratory tests.

What should I do if I lose my DavidCard?

Please contact the customer service call center and we’ll issue a new card for you.

Do I have to present medical records or receipts after paying for services with my DavidCard?

You will be required to send us a receipt confirming use of the DavidCard for purchase of medication. If you use other medical services, you may be requested to send DavidShield the documents for the purpose of quality control and/or further treatment.

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