We know health care can get complicated, so here are a few Q&A’s about your plan and what`s covered.

What is HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)?

HMO insurance is basic and limited to a specific network of physicians. Most programs often require members to select a primary care physician, a doctor who acts as a “gatekeeper” to direct access to specialists or additional treatment. The insurance may limit the geographical area in which medical services are provided and the benefit maximums may be lower than other insurance plans. All of these restrictions tend to make the HMO insurance cheaper.

What is PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)?

PPO is a more flexible type of insurance that allows the customer free access to any in-network medical service provider, including hospitals, clinics, labs, doctors, pharmacies, etc. In addition, the member may choose to use an out-of-network provider subject to additional member cost-sharing. The medical services in this program are usually not limited to a certain geographical area within the USA.

DavidShield’s PPO insurance plans – how does it work?

DavidShield has a direct billing arrangement with UHC (UnitedHealthcare) – one of the leading medical service provider networks in the U.S, where you are only required to present your insurance card in order to have access to services. DavidShield also has a direct billing arrangement with the ESI (Express Scripts Incorporated) network, where your DavidShield insurance card also enables purchase of any prescribed medication.

Are the medical services available nationwide?

Yes. You are also covered for emergencies outside of the USA.

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