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Updated on: January 19, 2022

Dear members, we have compiled important information for you in this document regarding COVID-19:

Where can I get vaccinated?

At this stage, the availability of the vaccine and the eligibility for vaccination vary from one country to the next. We recommend that you check your eligibility to be vaccinated with your family doctor in your country of destination. The cost of the vaccination will be covered up to the reasonable and customary costs in your country of destination, and is subject to the benefit maximum of the “wellness” coverage in your policy if your policy includes coverage for routine health checkups.

I am visiting Israel.  Can I get vaccinated here?

Members of policies that include medical coverage during a visit to Israel are invited to schedule a vaccination appointment for themselves in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s instructions, and directly with Clalit Health Services by telephone at *2700. We recommend that you contact Clalit Health Services before arriving in Israel and that you follow the updates posted regarding the administering of the vaccines in Israel. It should be noted that upon arriving in Israel, you may be subject to rules regarding isolation, testing and/or additional instructions concerning visitors entering Israel, and that you may not get vaccinated before the end of your quarantine period.

Please review the Ministry of Health’s current guidelines before arriving in Israel.

If I’m insured with you and have been vaccinated in Israel, can I be issued a Green Passport?

Certainly. You can be issued the Israeli Ministry of Health’s Green Passport, which exempts you from having to self-quarantine when entering Israel (subject to testing and according to dynamic rules prescribed by the Ministry of Health). You can download a Green Passport, provided that the Israeli ID entered on our systems is identical to the ID presented when you were vaccinated. If you do not have an Israeli ID Number, you may be vaccinated using your Passport Number (according to the Health Ministry guidelines). Before receiving your vaccination, please confirm that your Passport Number is updated in our database.
You can obtain your Green Passport on the Ministry of Health’s website. To visit the website, click here.

Can I purchase the vaccine through DavidShield?

It is important to us that you get vaccinated and be safe, however you should know that the competent authorities of each country are responsible for supplying the vaccines and prioritizing the administering of them. We are here to cover the cost of vaccination in the country of your stay (if vaccination involves payment), under the terms of the policy. To get vaccinated, you must contact the authorized medical entities in the country of your stay.

Does the DavidShield policy cover me for medical expenses related to the COVID-19 outbreak?

Yes, the policy provides coverage of medical expenses according to the Table of Benefits and the insurance plan you purchased. COVID-19 diagnostic tests will also be considered medical expenses if there are medical circumstances which justify testing such as symptoms or clear exposure to a person who has the COVID-19 virus. Treatment in the event of contracting the virus will also be covered by the policy, subject to your underwriting terms.

Can I purchase insurance coverage for any country in the world under the DavidShield policy?

You can purchase insurance for most countries in the world except sanctioned countries, by telephone at 04-3760992, even if you have already left Israel.

Does the policy cover me for quarantine days?

No, the DavidShield policy only covers medical expenses.

Is the company’s service center prepared to provide service even if the company’s employees are quarantined?

Yes, DavidShield is prepared for this scenario as well. The company will continue providing service to its members in Israel and worldwide. We recommend that you avoid sending claims by ordinary mail, since they might be delayed, and would not be able to be processed in a timely manner.

Can I consult a doctor by telephone?

Absolutely! In addition to the “Doctor on Call” service, which offers Hebrew and English- speaking doctors and which is available to DavidShield’s clients at all times, we have recently expanded “Tele-Medicine” services to cover more locations around the world so that you can even be prescribed medications in many countries.

Considering the frequent flight cancellations these days, could I possibly find myself unable to return to Israel and thereby my insurance policy expired?

DavidShield’s insurance policies for people staying abroad are unlimited in time and you will not need to actively renew your coverage.

Could I be evacuated by air if I become a COVID-19 carrier or patient?

Evacuation of a patient verified to have contracted COVID-19 depends on several factors, mainly on obtaining authorization to do so by the competent authorities of the receiving country. Based on our current experience, most countries in the world do not authorize the entry of a COVID-19 verified patient who is not a citizen of that country. Additionally, the evacuation is dependent on finding a hospital which agrees to receive the patient, as well as obtaining a certificate of discharge from the hospital where the patient is currently hospitalized (if applicable) and certification to take the patient out of the current country.

Once all the relevant approvals have been obtained, and subject to there being a medical need to carry out the evacuation, the evacuation may be carried out through DavidShield approved providers.

How can I undergo a COVID-19 diagnostic test?

The terms and procedures for undergoing COVID-19 diagnostic tests vary from one country to the next. You can consult our service center representatives or your family doctor in your country of destination to receive instructions. COVID-19 diagnostic tests are covered by DavidShield’s medical insurance in the event of exposure to a verified patient or if symptoms of the virus are present.

If I must come to Israel for a visit, is my insurance coverage valid in Israel as well?

Please review your plan’s information. If the plan includes coverage in Israel as well, then there is no change in the guidelines, we will cover you during your visit to Israel too.

Does DavidShield currently have any special instructions for its members?

We as a company, choose to adopt the guidelines of the Israeli Ministry of Health, which are among the strictest in the world, but have so far been proved effective. We recommend to our clients to avoid large gatherings of people, to stay at home as much as possible, to observe hygiene and to reduce inter-country travel to the bare minimum, especially to countries where the pandemic is currently on the rise.

All answers refer to DavidShield’s insurance plans. Administration service plans may have different applicable terms. Please consult our 24/7 service center.

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DavidShield Life Insurance Agency (2000) Ltd., the Insurer – David Shield Insurance Company Ltd. The above information is true as of the day of its publication, in accordance with the various developments and the instructions issued by official entities. The company reserves the right to modify and adjust its answers and the work procedures according to any development in the situation, including insurance admission procedures and claim processing procedures.

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